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myBigorder on demand delivery connects Customers with Drivers nearby using Geofencing Technology from Point A to point B Simply and Transparently.
1. Customers place orders through the myBigorder platform OR and myBigorder dispatches these orders in real time to available myBigorder Drivers.
2. Individuals/Merchants/Corporates create account, enter pickup and dropoff location, pay and have us Deliver in Real Time

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Benefits of myBigorder On Demand Delivery

Why should you choose us?

1.We have made life easier and simpler. You don't need to struggle finding orders. Orders come looking for you whenever you are.

2.A great employment opportunity to drivers who do not own their own cars, bikes etc.

3.Save Fuel – No need to drive to a place and get back to your parking base. Just get the orders where you are.

4.Save Time – Since orders are premade, ride at the right time and take less time from point A to B to C.

5.Invest/Be an entrepreneur – A great investment opportunity since your business grows as you monitor sales/earnings.

6.Flexible Payment Plans – Drivers are paid every Wednesdays & Saturdays. Payments are transparent and easy. MPESA or Cheque or Cash are our payment modes

7.Save Parking cost – No more Parking Bays/Shades. You simply drive on the go.Many Delivery types – we accept messengers, riders, pickups/cars, vans, lorries & trailers.

8.Location Based Pick up – NRequest on demand delivery with the specific pick up point & the drop point you need your products be delivered

9.GPS TRACKING – Once The Rider/Driver Has Picked your goods, we are able to track back the rider throughout the journey and so you feel relaxed.

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Offered Services

1.Home shopping/Office Shopping
2.Post office collection
3.Cheque banking/collection
3.Parcel pick-up and delivery
4.Gift and flowers delivery
5.Cake delivery
6.House moving

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Real time monitoring - 24 hour surveillance

Monitor your goods

We help you monitor your goods once they leave the merchant's premises. We guarantee product safety and our goal is to ensure delivery within the shortest time possible

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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision
To provide excellent logistics solutions that deliver peace of mind, last minute delivery needs, customer satisfaction & reach local customer quickly.
Our Mission
To enjoy a whole new level of convenience and quickness when it comes to the completion of same day Delivery with myBigorder.

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