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About myBIGOrder

myBIGOrder (My Big Order) is an integrated Order Taking App comprising Merchant App, Drivers App and the Customers App where customers Search, Find and Order for both physical products, digital products and services. It uses Geofencing Technology.

It’s use cases, features and benefits include;

Online Shopping – Buy & Sell

Products, services and solutions nearby

Receiving & Managing Orders in real time

Service providers & experts nearby

Business Directory and Online visibility

Appointment Booking System

Online Marketing Tools eg Bulk SMS, Emails, Domains, Web Design etc

A complete delivery system – Access to a pool of Drivers

It has the Merchant Dashboard for Taking Orders, Drivers dashboard for receiving delivery tasks and Customers account for ordering for products or services.

myBIGOrder (My Big Order)is flexible to any Business need. It is also a powerful tool for businesses to promote their brands online since it focusses on the business itself as well as the products/services.

Merchants are Business owners, both large scale businesses and companies as well as SMEs and startups. Categories include Shopping, Home & Office, Technology, Agriculture, Transport, Media, Art, Entertainment, Finance, Health, Beauty, Building and Construction, Education, Events, Food, Hotels, Travel, Industry, Property, Sports etc.

Merchants signup options are flexible. Either commission on products and services when orders are made or a monthly subscription to use the system. Once merchants accounts are approved, they can setup their product categories and product titles with their prices, names, addons/extras, delivery instructions, orders etc.

Merchants also have a driver’s portal which they simply log into and locate nearby drivers to deliver the products to customers where necessary. Merchants can also setup their accounts to include either delivery, pickup or digital services that do not need delivery.

Merchants can recruit their own drivers or use our own pool of drivers already in the system

Drivers – Includes City to City delivery, lories, trucks, pickups, cars, riders, tuktuk, messengers etc. They simply pick and deliver to the customer.

Customers buy products and services directly from the owner / merchants. This means they purchase on lower rates and have them delivered cheaper and reliably  by myBIGOrder (My Big Order).

myBIGOrder Overview

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Best Features of myBIGOrder

This great innovation has very interesting features for Business Owners, Customers and Drivers. Among the key features include;

Automated Search

Search is by users current location, customized location, business near you, by streets and roads, by categories, by business name and by Product/Services in your local area. Search is automated for web...

Bulk SMS Alerts

We use both single text and Bulk SMS to make commujnication between the call centre, drivers, merchanst and the customers easy. We appreciate the role of mobile communication both now and in the coming days.


Appointments, Space, Rooms can now be booked easily by the customer in advance by noting the number of space to be reserved and the instructions. This helps in planning to receive customers and visitors before they arrive.

Voice Tap

With the automated voice to search, you can now speak to the app your location and the app will learn your voice through a trained artificial intelligence and robot coaching. No need of typing the app will do the rest.

Email Alerts

We always appreciate the power of Technology and timely delivery of products and services improves service delivery and productivity of a business. Email alerts contributes to efficiency and time taken

Loyalty Points

Earn points by purchasing Products/Services, redeem or convert points to discount, earn points by account signup, earn points by adding a review on a business, earn points at your first order, Customer can apply points over orders etc.

Geofencing Technology

We have deployed the use of GPS and RFID to create a virtual geographic boundary enabling the system to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. This is activated on request.

Push Notifications

Customers, Drivers and Merchants can optin or out to receive push notifications through push, sms or email alerts when an order is placed or action is needed for a task. This makes delivery time reduced by 90%.

Support Centre

Customers can get support via the support centre FAQ, online live chats with admin, merchant and go ahead and share the love with friends, clients and best businesses near their local area.

How It Works?

For the customer we simply make their work simple by Searching, Choosing, Ordering, Paying and Enjoying the Products/Services available within their locality using GEOFENCING Technology.

Features of the Customers App

  1. Easy to search for businesses
  2. Filter businesses by type or by product/service
  3. Auto detects location address
  4. Multiple addons for Products/Services item – Pay for what you need.
  5. Multiple size and price for Products/Services item
  6. Tag Products/Services by known brands
  7. Real time order status
  8. Order Tracking & Receipt
  9. Easy to use checkout
  10. Easy to re-order previous ordered Products/Services item
  11. Book a table/Appointment
  12. Receive updates on your booking status
  13. Business Review & Rating
  14. Opt-in/out Push Notification on order status

With this App we sell convenience for both Businesses owners selling products and services to grow the uptake of their services and brand awareness.

Features of Business owners / Merchants – Order Taking App

  1. Easily manage their products and services
  2. Manage addon/Extras category
  3. Size’s for Products/Services item e.g. Small, medium or large
  4. Has Option for product reference e.g. Well done, Good service, Quality etc.
  5. Manage address, tax, delivery charges, Receipt Message etc.
  6. Send and receive email notification to customers once there is new order.
  7. Choose their own payment modes.
  8. Access Reports (Sales report, Sales report by Product and Service, Sales summary report
  9. All reports can be exported to excel csv file
  10. Charts (Sales charts for last 30 days, Sales charts by Product/Service
  11. Book a table/Appointment

A pool of Drivers are all mapped on a geolocation map system. Drivers can be allocated Delivery tasks with a fully automated tracking on the Products/Services to the customer.

Business owners/merchants manage their daily pickup/delivery task using their own drivers/riders or can use the large pool of drivers.

Driver categories include;

  • Lorries
  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Pickups
  • Riders/Pikipiki
  • Bicycle/bodaboda
  • Tuktuk
  • Walk/Messengers

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The 3 apps are mobile ready and easy to use. All that you need is to register, have your account approved and start enjoying the power of Order Taking

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