Business Owner/Merchant – Order Taking App Features

With this App we sell convenience for both Businesses owners selling products and services to grow the uptake of their services and brand awareness.

Features of Business owners / Merchants – Order Taking App

  1. Easily manage their products and services
  2. Manage addon/Extras category
  3. Size’s for Products/Services item e.g. Small, medium or large
  4. Has Option for product reference e.g. Well done, Good service, Quality etc.
  5. Manage address, tax, delivery charges, Receipt Message etc.
  6. Send and receive email notification to customers once there is new order.
  7. Choose their own payment modes.
  8. Access Reports (Sales report, Sales report by Product and Service, Sales summary report
  9. All reports can be exported to excel csv file
  10. Charts (Sales charts for last 30 days, Sales charts by Product/Service
  11. Book a table/Appointment

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