General, Customers & Partners FAQs

What is myBIGOrder?

myBIGOrder is Kenya’s 1st integrated Order Taking App comprising Merchant App, Drivers App and the Customers App where customers Search, Find and Order for both physical products, digital products and services. It uses Geofencing Technology.

MyBIGOrder is an online marketplace where buyers are able to search for items and purchase them and sellers can offer items for sale to a huge online market of users.

Buyers can purchase items and services such as smartphones, computers, fashion and clothing, home appliances, cars and real estate and other services for the best prices.

MyBIGOrder makes it easy for a person to buy or sell at competitive prices 24 hours a day by providing a safe and secure platform for monetary transactions.

Benefits of myBIGOrder to Customers. Why Us

  1. Deal directly with Verified businesses and companies – say good-bye to con men.
  2. Get it cheaper since you are buying it directly from the owner. We just killed unnecessary middlemen.
  3. Geo-fencing technology makes it cheaper since you buy from the nearest seller hence saving on delivery cost.
  4. Order, Track & Manage your orders easily.
  5. 24 hour support with unmatched customer service via SMS, Calls, Live chats, Emails, Webinars etc
  6. Automated chatbot to answer your questions anytime, any day.
  7. Great discounts and vouchers for customers directly from the merchants.
  8. You reward your shopping using our Points System which you can use to shop for free.
  9. Enhanced quick delivery via our pool of drivers on the Drivers portal.
  10. Alert notifications and SMS alerts.
  11. Flexible payment plans
  12. Rating and Feedback – You can now rate companies based on the level of service you get.

Where are your offices;

We are based at TRV office plaza 7th floor 7D. All Drivers go through a thorough verification and training before they start working with us. See our contacts for more details.

What are your working hours?

We work 24 hours meaning you are sure of complete support and assistance where necessary.

Does myBIGOrder guaranty authenticity of its products

myBIGOrder does not own products/services. All Items on myBIGOrder are owned by myBIGOrder merchants. We will always ensure that you receive high quality products by onboarding quality merchants who own their products hence ruturns and authencity is achieved.

How can I always be updated about your new products and order?

You can always get updated by attending our monthgly merchant briefs as well as joining our mailing list and following news and updates on our website and social media pages.

Do I buy in bulk or on retail?

Yes you always buy in bulk, at the lower end of the website, just tell us what you need and we will get you the best rates in Bulk. Each merchant also has their best Bulk rates.

What searches can I use to filter and search

We have close to 5 searches on our website. The search by location gives you Businesses based on which is closer to you. They are also searches by Business Name/No, search by street or road, search by Categories and Search by Products/Services.

My order has not arrived, what do I do, Can I track It?

Yes, We offer a transparent system. You can track an order from the time you place it to the time it arrives at your doorstep.

You can also track from the time it the merchant accepts it, when the delivery starts and arrives.

Once the Order is delivered, the Driver will take a picture of the merchant and the product and then sign and ask the customer to also sign after receiving the Order.

Can I return a product?

Issues of returns are handled with the merchant. Before buying from the merchant, read through their return policy on each category of the products. Returns will be subjected to the merchants return policy.

How can I Partner with myBIGOrder

You can either partner by buying shares and becoming a director based on your shares. This will always depend on the company valuation at any given time.

One can also partner by bringing their vehicles or bikes to us and we connect them with riders. This is a huge way of earning more on every delivery.

I have no internet phone can I use myBigorder

Yes, you do not need internet to use myBIGOrder. We have the MBODealer who will do all the searching and shopping on your behalf and even get you best rates and negotiate on your behalf. Call 0709688004 or whatsapp +254746 557585

How to download the apps?

Go to google playstore and type myBIGOrder (one word). You will see 3 apps. The Red App is the merchant App. The customer App is Green and Driver App is Orange.

Do you sell Products only?

myBIGOrder gives you more than an ecommerce platform but you sell both products and services. You also promote the awareness of your brand since we list you with your brand details including names.

What are your contacts? Support channels?

Support is very key for us. We offer 24 hour support with both day and night teams to have you fully covered.

  • Calls – +254746 557585 or +2547096888
  • Chats/WhatsApp – +254746 557585
  • Emails:
  • Live chats – Automated live chat bots are available on our website on the bottom right side. Our support assistants are always available.
  • Meetings – We also have office tours where you can meet our teams. We also have a photo studio to ensure your products are professional. Our digital team are also always available.

Do you work in Nairobi only?

Yes, we work in Nairobi and we also work anywhere in Kenya. Our technology can be used anywhere in Kenya so long as there is a customer, driver and merchant. This means we are not limited at all to distance.

How does geo-fencing work?

Geofencing is the technology we use to locate the nearest merchant and the nearest driver. This saves time of both the customer and merchant.

What about conman? What plans on security

We till now believe that we have locked all channels for conmen who would like to abuse our system. We will still work with Merchants, Drivers and customers to ensure we kick conmen out. The system is kept secure online. Merchants and account owners should also ensure that their account usernames and passwords are kept safe and secure.

Can I pay your driver?

Payments should always be paid directly to myBIGOrder through TILL 983411 through our collection brand Oracom Web Solutions LTD. Before paying a driver, ensure that you communicate with us.

What happens if the contract is breached?

If the contract is breached by either the merchant, driver or customer, the accounts of those responsible will be deactivated and a legal action may be taken depending on the damage of the breach.

However, we always prefer internal conflict resolutions.

Merchant FAQs

Who is a Merchant at myBIGOrder?

A merchant is a business owner. Any person who has a service, product or a company. Merchants include but not limited to; Business Owners, Service Providers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Shopkeepers, Experts offering an expertise or service, Dealers, Traders, Storekeepers etc

How do I register as a Merchant at myBIGOrder?

On the website;

  1. Visit on the top menu, visit the Merchant Area.
  2. Select either commission or membership package. The rates are always displayed at the time of signup.
  3. Fill the merchant registration form that comes next.
    1. Business name & phone are business details
    2. Contact Name, Phone, Email are details of the person making the Application.
    3. Street Address – Is the Name of Street, Road or Avenue where the business is located.
    4. Business category – This is the category of business. Just start typing the category and options will appear. If a category is missing, chat with us and we will always add it for you. You can add one or more categories.

On the Mobile App

Log into the mobile app as a merchant and click the register button on the footer. Download the Merchant manual here.

Benefit of myBIGOrder to Merchants

The following are some of the main benefits to the merchants. Remember, different people use myBIGOrder for variuos needs. Share with us your objectives and expectations and let’s maximize to ensure you grow your business.

Zero Risk

As opposed to the capital a physical shop requires to set up the seller on the MyBIGOrder platform does not have to pay anything to open the shop in order for them to be able to sell.

The worry of securing capital to set up shop is dealt with by MyBIGOrder which sets up their virtual shop free of charge.


The physical shop is constrained to a specific geographical area. MyBIGOrder provides sellers with access to a huge online market of potential buyers and gives the seller the ability to have a nationwide presence.

The sellers shop is accessible to users who are located in many geographical areas where the seller does not have a physical presence throughout the nation since the shop is online and accessible to any user with internet connection throughout the nation.

The best thing is that these are new customers which will add to the existing customers that the seller has.


The seller incurs costs to advertise their business. Apart from advertising their products, MyBIGOrder also markets the sellers business. MyBIGOrder has a dedicated marketing budget for advertising in the print media, online media and TV campaigns.

Cost Saving

The seller incurs fixed and variable costs to run their shop, this includes rent, water and electricity bills. myBIGOrder saves the seller all these overheads since the MyBIGOrder shop does not attract any charges to stay open.


The sellers physical shop has a restriction with regard to the business hours that it can remain open which range from about 8 to 10 hours.

This restriction locks out buyers who would want to make a purchase after hours, the MyBIGOrder shop is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week hence ensuring the seller does not miss out on any sale and also gives them an edge over other sellers who are closed during those hours.

Safe Pay

MyBIGOrder provides a safe method of ensuring that the seller receives payment in a safe and secure manner as soon as the buyer receives their merchandise. We also have many payment options including mobile payments.

Support from MyBIGOrder Captains

MyBIGOrder ensures that the seller receives support from their MyBIGOrder account manager which in turn helps them achieve more sales based on the free advise and support they are given.Our captains offer 24 hour support.


MyBIGOrder ensures transparency by setting fixed commission rates for each category up front so that the seller knows their expected return.

Other benefits;

3-in-1 service where you sell a Product, sell a Service, Promote the Brand.

Sell Directly to your exiting & New customers – no in-between processes.

Easy to use Merchant dashboard & App with a complete simple order Taking platform.

Save Time receiving, processing and managing orders

Perfect platform to Grow your sales

Manage all your Deliveries on the same platform – Use our pool of Drivers on the Drivers portal. This makes delivery quicker.

Digital Marketing tools include Bulk SMS, Domains, Emails, Website, internet marketing as well as Digital Marketing Training Sessions.

What are some of the key Features of myBIGOrder?

Automated Search

Search is by user’s current location, customized location, business near you, by streets and roads, by categories, by business name and by Product/Services in your local area. Search is automated for web and mobile App.

Voice Tap 

With the automated voice to search, you can now speak to the app your location and the app will learn your voice through a trained artificial intelligence and robot coaching. No need of typing the app will do the rest.


We have deployed the use of GPS and RFID to create a virtual geographic boundary enabling the system to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. This is activated on request.

Bulk SMS & Notifications

We use both single text and Bulk SMS to make communication between the call center, drivers, merchants and the customers easy. We appreciate the role of mobile communication both now and in the coming days.

Email Alerts

We always appreciate the power of Technology and timely delivery of products and services improves service delivery and productivity of a business. Email alerts contributes to efficiency and time taken


With over 800 business categories, each business has a chance to map their products/services to more than 3 tags hence easy to find and locate products and services.

Automated Push Notifications

Customers, Drivers and Merchants can opt-in or out to receive push notifications through push, SMS or email alerts when an order is placed or action is needed for a task. This makes delivery time reduced by 90%.


Appointments, Space, Rooms can now be booked easily by the customer in advance by noting the number of space to be reserved and the instructions. This helps in planning to receive customers and visitors before they arrive.

Loyalty Points

Earn points by purchasing Products/Services, redeem or convert points to discount, earn points by account signup, earn points by adding a review on a business, earn points at your first order, Customer can apply points over orders etc.

Support Centre

Customers can get support via the support center FAQ, online live chats with admin, merchant and go ahead and share the love with friends, clients and best businesses near their local area.

What is the Difference between Membership and Commission?

Membership packages are paid either on Monthly or Yearly basis while Commissions are only paid once a product/service is sold. A merchant can choose to use either a membership or commission option. The membership packages are as displayed on the website table while commission are between 5-12% depending on the kind of products. Merchant can negotiate their own rates.

The table below shows the package differences. Note that these may change due to offers currently running.

Status Starter Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Account Listing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Order Taking App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drivers Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Products 5 15 25 50 Unlimited
Number of Orders/Sales 15 50 100 150 Unlimited
Access to Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price 650 3,500 7,500 18,000 35,000
Offer 450 2500 5000 15,000 30,000

Membership packages apply whether sales are made or sales are not made.

Who does the marketing?

Marketing is done by both the merchant and the team at myBIGOrder. Merchant can market their accounts by sharing their pages and products/services, sharing and including their logos on their websites linked to their pages.

myBIGOrder has several marketing options ranging from online and digital. We may market a single company or all companies depending on the marketing strategies by the digital team. The digital team will always organize training sessions and briefs to merchants through the training wing

Can I have your logo on my website?

Yes, you can always include our logo on your website. We have different logo colors and themes.

Do you do Bulk SMS?

Yes, we offer Bulk SMS as a marketing tool in 2 different ways;

  • Integrated SMS tool on the merchant account is used to send updates to a merchant customers. Merchants can always buy SMS credits and use them to send SMS. This SMS requires no registration FEE. The sender ID used is (myBIGOrder)
  • Bulk SMS tool – this can be customized to a merchant or any other person with their own sender ID. The rates range. We offer this service via our brand team

When do Merchants receive their payments?

We would like to send your payments in record time after a successful purchase. We give 24 hours after purchase to allow a client to complain or not. After this we will need 1-2 days to send you the money.

Transaction costs will be on the merchant side. We will always discuss your business model and come up with what works best for each merchant.

If I have no product/services pictures, you charge Photography?

Pictures should always come from the merchants. We advise that these should be original and natural. Ensure the exact image used belongs to the item. We have a studio where we can do upto 10 free shots. Each item shot has 3 separate pictures.

Other Items are charged at Kshs. 80 per extra Items. We also offer photography onsite. These will be discussed based on the products & distance. We offer this service through our brand

Do you charge to upload my products?

We upload up to 10 products for FREE. Extra products are uploaded at a rate of Ksh. 80 per product.

We have an internet team working day and night to help you upload products. In some cases we may upload all your products for FREE based on our evaluation of your company.

Requirement to become a merchant, I have no Business

The merchant should 1st register their business with us. After that we will communicate on the documents needed to complete registration after doing background checks.

Merchants should be registered businesses/companies. Non-registered businesses/individual can also join the system with their National ID details. Due diligence will follow in either case.

Can I do business with my clients off the platform

This is not allowed on our platform. Either way, doing business via our platform benefits both the Merchant and the Buyer.

Our logistics also covers all the reasons why you need to ensure your order goes through us. Not all merchants buy on commissions hence no difference. Merchants who encourage and abuse our system will be delisted.

Is it free to list my business?

Yes, it is FREE to list on myBIGOrder until you either reach 1,000 visit impressions/visits or till you start selling.

Merchants who deal with services with no straight forward prices should always have membership packages.

What if I have no physical location?

You can still list on myBIGOrder with no physical office. In this case always mark your delivery type as Delivery Only. We believe business can still be done even without spending on rent.

Can I add my own products and receive orders directly?

Yes, you can log into your own account and manage your dashboard all by yourself. See our merchant dashboard tutorials and video.

Can I add more users or my staff and create accounts for them?

Merchants will always have their main accounts with ability to access all merchant features.

Merchants can also create users on their accounts and give them access rights to particular items only.

Can I set offers/discounts or Vouchers?

Merchants can always set their own offers and discounts from their merchant dashboards. They can also create vouchers. myBIGOrder may also give certain promotions that cut across all merchants. We will always let merchants/customers know about these offers before.

Can I place and book business meetings/appointments?

Yes, you can book a meeting and all meetings for that merchant can be accessed by the merchant via the Merchant App or via the merchant dashboard.

What are the payment methods?

Merchants can choose which payment modes they want to use. Payment modes includes cash on delivery, mpesa, IPAY, credit card, paypal etc

Can I upload my products with VAT?

The products pricing including their rates are done by the Merchant. myBIGOrder has completely no control over how the products are priced or what factors contribute to the overall product price. Merchant can enter the prices and mark the box with VAT instructions.

Can I see reports and statistics of those who have viewed my page and products?

Yes, you can view, all visits, per month and daily visits. This includes visits for the merchant page as well as for each of the Products/Services.

How about if the Product Ordered is Out of Stock or I can’t deliver

Incase a merchant for one reason or the other cannot provide/serve an order, they are allow to decline the order.

Once the order is declined, the customer will be notified and myBIGOrder team will serve the same order to other merchants who have the same item.

This is after getting the go ahead from the customer.

Drivers & Delivery FAQs

On Demand Delivery charges

Delivery charges are automatically calculated based on distance. The table bellow shows the delivery charges rates. A customer can decide to;

Insurance – They insure the delivery against accident

Loader – include a loader who will help in loading and offloading of the items

Local & City to city – distances across a city or county are considered city to city while those within are considered local.

Delivery table rate table

Customer Ordering Interface for on Demand Delivery

Benefits of myBIGOrder to Drivers / Riders

We have made life easier and simpler. You don't need to struggle finding orders. Orders come looking for you whenever you are.

A great employment opportunity to drivers who do not own their own cars, bikes etc.

Save Fuel – No need to drive to a place and get back to your parking base. Just get the orders where you are.

Save Time – Since orders are premade, ride at the right time and take less time from point A to B to C.

Invest/Be an entrepreneur –  A great investment opportunity since your business grows as you monitor sales/earnings.

Flexible Payment Plans – Drivers are paid every Saturdays. Payments are transparent and easy. MPESA or Cheque or Cash are our payment modes

Save Parking cost – No more Parking Bays/Shades. You simply drive on the go.

Many Delivery types – we accept messengers, riders, pickups/cars, vans, lorries & trailers.

How to register as a Driver/Rider

Register via the driver App. Simply download the driver App (the orange App) and click and install. The click Signup and fill the registration form. You will be notified once your account is approved. Vetting and verification are done before approval.

Can I insure my Order during Delivery?

Yes, you can insure every order as you place the order. The insurance rates depend on the type of Delivery modes, distance etc. Insurance will cover accidents. Speak to us for more details.

Who Pays Drivers

The Drivers are paid by myBIGOrder if they deliver orders that were made via the On Demand Delivery. If the delivery is sponsored by the merchant, then the merchant is responsible for paying the driver.

Can I use my own Delivery as a Merchant?

Merchants who have their own delivery can always use their own deliveries. In this case the merchant needs to add their delivery rates and instructions where necessary.

On Demand Delivery Types/Modes

There are many delivery types including

Messenger  – a person who gets the order, walks to deliver or uses public transport/matatu to deliver

Bike – Includes 2 and 3 wheeled motorbike riders, tuk tuks and bicycles.

Pickups – includes pickups and cars

Vans – includes all types of vans

Lorries & Trailers – Either, 3T, 5T, 7T, 10T, 14T etc

Where can I (merchant) access the Drivers?

Drivers are accessed via the drivers portal. Merchants can always access the Driver portal by loging in using their usernames and passwords and choosing merchant type. The drivers dashboard is here