Return Policy Page

Refunds costs due to Merchant that are genuine will be a liability to the Merchant.

Refund costs due to the Customer that are genuine will be a liability of the Customer.

Refund costs due to the delivery partner will be a liability of the Delivery Partner.

Products or services purchased outside the scope of the website shall not be considered to come from us and in that case not covered by any of our terms. Customers are therefore advised to always ensure payments are done and orders made through the platform.

Mybigorder Kenya LTD has placed an escrow payment system where payments are held till the product is delivered (this applies for certain products). This means the customer's payment is always safe when made directly through us till the delivery has been made.

Each vendor should always state their Terms below each product description.

In an effort to improve our return to merchant process and better our merchant and customer experience, the following are some of the refund terms and policies.

As stated in our merchant policy and contract any products or services that fulfilling the conditions below will be returned to the vendor.

Products that are returned by customers for valid reasons will be returned back to the vendors.

Products that are defective/DOA, have missing parts/freebies, are not genuine or simply do not correspond to what the customer ordered at the time of ordering will be returned to the Merchant.

Products and services that need fixing at a services center are taken to the service center and not fixed within 10 working days are returned.

Returns due to Delivery fails will be returned to the order point or returned to the place the order was picked. Please always ask for your returns when dropping off your current orders.

Please check your items before leaving the shop. Customers should also raise any product or service dispute 24 hours after receiving the product and raise any disputes or reject the item if it doesn’t respect the return conditions stipulated in the contract.

Incase a customer rejects any item for any particular reason contact us at or call us on +254746557585 it will be taken back to the vendor for quality check or necessary conversations started with the vendor. 

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