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Mybigorder Supermarket & Drop-off zone Launch

1st August 2020 Schedule #MybigorderSupermarket

Following our successful entry into Kenya’s eCommerce space, our desire to have products and services affordable and available has been unmatched. Our slogan of #PromotingLocalBrands tells it all since we believe Kenya has solutions and diversity all that's needed is a marketplace that gives everyone the power to take control.

Our stories at the KCB Lions Den and Covid-19 hackathon by the ministry of ICT made us quickly transform our eCommerce platform to be reachable, efficient, and affordable to the common mwananchi.

We are more than glad to present to you #MybigorderSupermarket a physical store that will also act as a dropoff zone for vendors. This becomes our second eCommerce Hub after our TRV office plaza offices. These centers/shops are a hybrid of the physical marketplace and the Digital eCommerce. They will:

1.       Help impact and bring products/services closer and cheaper to the people (buyers and sellers).

2.       Help large and small brands reach a market by owning spaces and selling both online and offline

3.       Act as Drop off centers where clients can order and pick their order directly

4.       Act as Digital Information hubs where youths will be trained to affiliate and earn while marketing vendors' products as well as training on Digital Marketing and brand visibility.

5.       Act as Vendor onboarding and product upload centers.

6.       Act as a delivery point where people simply shop and have products delivered at their doorsteps

7.       Open a large job placement opportunities and grow careers.

8.       Help boost our already active online sales through our Award Winning online shop

9.       A zone where Brands and Vendors products are available on wholesale and retail, online and offline.

Launch Schedule & Promos:

Early Morning Session: 7:30am – 9:00am - (Panel Discussion) -  live on Mybigorder Social Media & youtube pages

-          Show Intro (Show host)

-       A Digital Economy - the role of eCommerce


Mid Morning Session: 10:30am – 11:00am (Launch ceremony) - live on Mybigorder Social Media & youtube pages

-          Presentations & Speeches by Partners

-          Launch & Ribbon Cutting

-          Announcement of early morning Promo Winners

Evening Session: 7:00pm – 9:00pm (Mybigorder Experience) - live on Mybigorder Social Media & youtube pages

-          Vendor Stories / showcasing (If you are a vendor, share a 2 min video showcasing your services/products)

-          Panel Discussion (Vendors & Partners)

-          Promos & Winners (50th Buyer gets it FREE plus amazing offers on select products)

Vendors Opportunities:

1.       Record a 2-3 mins while at the shop talking about your brand and what you do.

2.       Take us through your products uploaded on

3.       Share offers and promotions and offers

4.       How someone can find your business on Mybigorder

Customers Opportunities

1.       Variety of products and services to choose from cheaper.

2.       Delivery at your doorstep

3.       Customer number 50 gets FREE shopping ie their shopping basket taken care of.

4.       A wide variety of promotions and offers.

5.       Buy in wholesale and buy in retail.

Contact Us: | +254746557585 | +254712534091 | TRV Office Plaza, 7th floor.