How Do I Upload My Products at Mybigorder

How Do I Upload My Products at Mybigorder

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Note: In order to be verified you must upload at least 3 products under your account. This is how you upload.

  1. Log in to your Seller Panel/Dashboard

  1. Go to  Products 

  1. Click Upgrade package and choose a package that fits the number of products you have - 

For verification, you can start with the FREE Package for 5 products

Select your preferred package 

  1. Click products again which comes with the number of products you should upload for the package purchased. 

Go to ‘Add New product’

  1. Start feeding your product details;

Product Name, Category, Brand, unit, tags and bar code.

  1. Add Product Images;

Remember Gallery and Thumbnail Images are A MUST. Gallery images can be as many as your product has.

  1. Next is product variations

Enable the color button for products with different colors and select the colors from options provided and choose other attributes from the attributes section

  1. Proceed to product stock and price

  • Indicate the unit price of your product which should be the same as the variant price. 

  • If on discount select the timeline for the discount and the discount amount, either flat or percentage

  • Indicate the number in stock under quantity

  1. Update the product description, SEO Meta Tags and description so that it can rank on google then the meta image which could be the same as the thumbnail image. 

  2. Once all details are filled tap on ‘upload product’ Tab on your bottom right hand side

  1. Repeat for the next product