Mybigorder Bags Two Awards in the 2021 Ecommerce Awards

Mybigorder Bags Two Awards in the 2021 Ecommerce Awards

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Prior to excitements that hit the Mybigorder team on August 26, 2021, morning- it didn’t end there. The platform also managed to win two awards during the event. 


All happened after Mybigorder CEO Mr. Alphonce Juma was nominated to be among the panelists at the 2021 Ecommerce Awards. Remember, Alphonce came into the limelight back in 2018 after bagging the most prominent investment from the KCB Lions Den TV show.


The competition was between giant eCommerce platforms that have been into business operations for the longest time possible. And that did not stop Mybigorder from piercing the competitive online shopping market. Ideally, we are in an era where almost every business is striving to get an online space. 


However, finding the right channel is still challenging for a good number of entrepreneurs. Mybigorder walks into the market to support the local businesses that still don’t have the budget to work on their own platforms.


The significant boost for Mybigorder came in 2018 when the project first impressed a top-notch investor and entered the deal for the funding project. 


The mobile application interface for Mybigorder made him have a deal of Sh 10 million from Joanne Mwangi, who is one of the panelists for the investment pitching show. The exchange for the deal was about 20 percent equity for the entire investment, which had a value of Sh 40million at that time. The purpose of the app is to connect customers to service providers and merchants nearest to them.


Since then, Alphonce has shown a consistent determination towards the growth of Mybigorder. As everyone knows, many people come with applications every year, but not all see the other side of success. This is because applications require much effort in terms of finances and technological support. And this is what most businesses fail to acquire, leading to their elapse. For Mybigorder, all are just successes!