Why should I consider Mybigorder for my online shopping?

Why should I consider Mybigorder for my online shopping?

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I know you have asked yourself this question several times before making the decision to finally click the ''buy now'' button. Perhaps because of trust issues, past bad experiences, new to online shopping, or other personal fears

These are some of the reasons why you should confidently buy at mybigorder.com and enjoy the convenience of online shopping;

1. Mybigorder Kenya Ltd is a registered company in Kenya with a Physical location in Westlands and has partnered with different suppliers to provide products at cheaper prices

2. Mybigorder Delivers your orders within 24hrs except on weekends

3. The ordering process is as easy as 123

4. We deliver everywhere in the country and we choose your preferred mode of delivery

5. Door deliveries within Nairobi and FREE office deliveries in Westlands

6. Availability of flexible payment modes and pay on delivery

7. User-friendly platform, easy to navigate and find products

8. You can order through Whatsapp or email if having a busy schedule

9. You can negotiate prices if buying in bulk

10. Easily reachable on the phone

11. Reliability

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